Hi! It’s time for Easter nail art! This bunny nail art is the perfect manicure for Easter. I really wanted to try doing a nail art design featuring a tiny bunny print, but thought it would be too complicated, in the end I managed to get it done freehand *pats oneself on the shoulder. For the large bunnies I opted to use my DIY nail stickers that I showed you how to make when doing my Boston Terrier nails. I always find that using them is the easiest way to get decent nail art done when I’m in a hurry or when I don’t want to waste time being patient with my left hand. Another thing is that I absolutely love to make little nail stickers in my free time and actually have a little collection of them, which is quite fortunate as I can whip them out at any time and I am ready to go.

Easter bunny nails

Nail Polish used: essence base coat 24/7, NYC , white acrylic paint for the rabbits, and acrylic paint for the pennant banner, Gabbriella Salvete top coat

Easter bunny nail art

I hope you have fun wearing this nail art design if you decide to give it a try! I hope you like the video and find the tutorial helpful, please don’t forget to subscribe and see you next time!

Hi! These 3D nail art metal embellishments are so cool that I absolutely couldn’t wait to share these with all of you. The past week I didn’t have a lot of time to do my nails, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want them to look pretty. My nail art fix were these extra pretty metal embellishments that are absolutely hassle-free and stay on surprisingly well. They are the perfect thing to dress up your manicure! I went for these pink flower ones that are really spring appropriate and all around adorable!

3D embel copy

These caged metal nail overlays are amazing! Not only have I never seen something like them before, but they ultimately bring 3D nail art to another level! Another thing is that they are reusable, which is always a bonus when investing in nail art supplies.

embelished nails

3D nail art embellishmentsfrom Born Pretty Store - Use the code H3X31 to get 10% off your order!

Hi! This truly is a tiny little haul from the Born Pretty Store, but I am all the more excited about each and every item. I got two amazing nail art stamping plates and then I got something that I am totally new to and that is a  3D metal floral nail art cage (at least that’s what I’m going to call it).

Born Pretty Store haul

I have really been getting more and more into nail art and with that I have really started taking an interest in new trends in it. Now, I have no idea if there really are trends in nail art, perhaps only seasonal ones, but when I saw these really awesome metal nail art appliques, you can be sure that I wanted to try them out. These caged metal nail overlays are amazing! Not only have I never seen something like them before, but they ultimately bring 3D nail art to another level! Another thing is that they are reusable, which is always a bonus when investing in nail art supplies. I plan on doing a little video about these 3D nail art cages where I hope to cover everything there is to know about them :).

Metal flower nail art appliques

2pcs Luxury Style Nail Crystal Embossed Metal 3D Nail Decorations- Design number 1

There are two stamping plates that feature amazing designs, lots of florals, it is spring after all, but I already tried one of the plates and the designs are so pretty! Did I mention that the Arabesque nail stamping plate is in my giveaway? You definitely should check it out because that for sure is not the only thing that you’ll want ;). Back to the stamping plates, both feature a combination of abstract designs and adorable  floral designs so choosing a favorite would be impossible.

stamping plate (2)

Nail Art Stamp Template Exquisite Arabesque Floral Pattern QA65

stamping plate

Nail Art Stamp Template Beautiful Flowers Lace Pattern QA16

For sure go and check these items out and then also check out my giveaway where among other things you can also win the stamping plate and a 3D metal nail art cage!

Hi! It’s time for a giveaway! Nail art tools giveaway for all of you! First of all, I am really appreciative of each and every one of you. Thank you for making my nail art hobby lots of fun and for every lovely comment that you leave me. It has been lots of fun getting to know you and interacting with you, but it’s about time that I have a little giveaway for you! In this giveaway you have the chance to get some nail art tools, which you have probably seen me use in my tutorials and some that I plan on using in the future.

This giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY and there will be 2 WINNERS! Giveaway open until Monday 7th of April.

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The winners will be announced on my Twitter, FB page and via Youtube video. I will contact each winner personally via Youtube message or tweet. Good luck and thank you!

Hi! There is a hunt for a all-around remedy for those pesky clogged pores known as blackheads. One thing that should help in the long run is using pore strips. Those can be quite pricey when you start doing battle with blackheads and using them multiple times a week.  With that thought in mind, I visited the DM drugstore to look for some budget- friendly pore strips and to find out if they’d really do the job

Essence and balea blackhead removal and pore strips

I found two brands Essence and Balea, which both offered pore strips at a very good price. Each pack cost less than 2 Euros and contained three individually wrapped strips. I was keen to see just how well they would do the job and if they’d really be worth it.  essence pore strips

The essence purifying nose strips pack has really neat packaging. Once you open it up, the flaps are covered in directions and tips on how to use the strips. They themselves come individually wrapped in a separate blue aluminium package. Truth be told, there is no pore strip, at least not to my knowledge, that will miraculously remove all your blackheads, but these definitely helped clear some up. It is recommended to use them at most once every 3 days. They are quick and easy to use. One thing that surprised me was that I didn’t detect any scent when using them which was rather unexpected. If they do smell like anything, it’s probably the smell of wet paper when the paper carrier gets soggy, but it is not an offensive smell. The one issue I had with them was that after their removal I was left with a bit of residue on my face. In some places it wasn’t just a film, but actual spots where the paper separated from the adhesive part. Where that happened it kind of defeated the whole blackhead removal purpose because to get the adhesive off of my face, I could only wash it off.

balea pore strips

The Balea pore strips come really simply packaged in a paper envelope and then each strip is wrapped individually in plastic. I chose to buy pore strips for the forehead and chin area and have to say that these do not work. Better said they do not work in the traditional sense in which pore strips should work. Once they are dry and ready to be removed, they pull nothing out, but they have to be doing something because there is a noticeable difference in the skin’s texture. After I used them I noticed that my skin looked a lot clearer and once I washed of a thin film of residue (almost non existant) my pores looked a lot smaller and the area looked clearer. I am thinking that although the strips do not pull the gunk out of your pores, maybe there is a chemical reaction that takes place and helps clear them up. The strips smell chemically, but pleasant. The scent is that of tea tree oil, a scent that I am fond of. If you want the satisfaction of looking at the pore strip and seeing all the pulled out blackheads (eewww, that sounds so gross, but I don’t know anybody who can resist), these unfortunetly are not the pore strips for you.

essence and balea pore strips

There is a difference in the material of the pore strips. The essence ones have a paper carrier that is thicker and is denser. In all they feel somewhat bulkier, but I do appreciate that the shape is very good and even have little pre cut tear-able areas so that you can easily use just half of the pore strip if you need to. I prefer the feel of the Balea pore strips on my skin and enjoy the smell, but I find them to be tiny. I must have a really large face, which I do, but these seriously are just rather small.

essence and balea budget pore strips

Overall I’d say that you are getting you money’s worth and these pore strips do get the job done, but you definitely would have to use a lot of them to get rid of your blackheads, or in the case of the Balea ones, just to cover your face. I can definitely see myself buying them from time to time, but I have a feeling there has to be something more effective out there. If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know.

Do you like using pore strips? Have you tried these? If you are looking for a cool DIY way to make your own pore strips check out this post. Hope you have a great day!