Hi! Over the last year or so, I’ve become quite the gardener. It all started with a little herb garden on the kitchen windowsill, then I bought some succulents and now I am the weird flatmate asking all my friends not to throw away their yogurt jars and anything that could possibly be used as a planting container. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think that I’d enjoy gardening as much as I do, but it is my “new thing” and the beginning of a lifelong hobby. In fact, I went as far as to order 40 rose bushes, but that is beside the point right now.

Gardening really is one of the best hobbies a person can pick up and it will challenge you in a way that another may not. It goes without saying, that there is something sublime about getting your hands dirty and leaving a patch of earth with the expectation of finding baby plants emerging from the ground when you return in a couple of days. Not having the proverbial green thumb should not be an excuse, and neither should gardening be reserved for 60-year-old Myrtle living out in the country, it can be done without any difficulty even in the tightest of spaces.

red tulips

Here are 5 life lessons I learned while gardening:

1. Sowing seeds is an act of faith. Nothing is guaranteed from the moment you gently press the seed into the ground. All that is left to do is to believe that that little seed is the beginning of new life. The funny thing is that the most important part of the process is the prep work- choosing the right soil and then giving the seed the conditions it needs to germinate. We all need faith and watering is the least we can do when in the end we can look forward to the time when we’ll see the tiniest speck of green emerging from the ground making its way towards the light.

2. You can plant seeds at the same time, but not all come up at the same time. Just like in life there are times, when everything will not go according to your plan and you will not be able to concentrate on as many things as you would like to and that is OK. Learn to take control where it is needed and trust that the rest will make an appearance in its own time and bear fruit when the season is right.

3. Weeding is important. Soil often times does not only contain the seeds you have sown, but also has weed seeds competing for the nutrients, just like there are many different things competing for your attention in life. Don’t let the little things you encounter every day overwhelm you and grow into bigger issues, instead focus on finding the root of the problem and do a bit of diligent weeding.

4. There’s always something that can be shared with a friend or given to a stranger. As a child, I remember that during the summers we’d have people pulling up in front of out yard and asking my mom for plants, flowers or tips on how to grow different types of plants. She never once turned anyone away and glowed with pride as she gave a tour of the garden and was able to share the bounty. It’s important to share, whether it may be a tip, word of encouragement or a flower to make a person smile- everything counts.

5. Nothing teaches you more about time than watching plants grow. There is an uncertain beginning where you tend to a seedling with nurturing love and you get reminded that patience truly is a virtue as you anticipate the first bloom, then you see the plant mature and die back into a seed with a promise of new life. It’s a privilege to witness something so beautiful and be reminded of the importance of different seasons. Embrace the present and every season of life, don’t be afraid of change because it almost always signifies growth.

Are there any life lessons you learned or were reminded of while spending time on a hobby you love? [Continue Reading…]

Hi! How many items of clothing do you have hanging in your closet? Now take a look at accessories, shoes and jewelry… What’s the number?

I’d say I definitely have a number that’s too high, hardly wear all of the pieces and still wake up most days wondering what I am going to dress in. Not to mention, the feeling that I never have anything decent to choose from – paradox of choice. Here is where project 333 comes in. It challenges people to create a capsule wardrobe of 33 items for 3 months. The number applies to clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes, excluding  sentimental pieces of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing. What a challenge!

Simplifying and downsizing has become a goal of mine and I am thinking of documenting my journey into creating a capsule wardrobe for the upcoming season. Before I fully commit to creating a wardrobe, I need a bit of time and have set the date for march 20th. It might just be enough time to safely omit winter boots from the mix *fingers crossed* and squeeze in some last-minute shopping. Let me know if you are going to join in on the challenge. How many items would you need to build up a wardrobe you could stick with for three months?

If you want to join the challenge, the project 333 website is a great place to start searching for tips. A number of very fasionable ladies have made it work and look fabulous while doing so!

Hi! I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is near here! Of course you know that can only mean one thing- flower nail art :)

Flower Fun Nail Art

This here is a super easy design that I once again made using my trusty gel nail Pilot Choose 07 pen in purple. For the gold center and random dots I used Maybelline nail polish. As always, the base is essence 27/7 nail polish. I couldn’t help choosing a white background polish- Gabriella Salvate 148. I still have a soft spot for the Gabriella Salvate nail polishes, seriously, there isn’t a thing to not like about them.

Fun Flower Nail Art

The flower itself started off looking just like my previous peony inspired nail art design, but in the end I decided that the purple looks a bit too faded and outlined each petal with the gel pen. The best part about working with the gel pen is that as soon as I see I don’t like where the design is going one swipe is all it takes to remove the whole thing.

Hope you like the design and there is a tutorial coming shortly!

Flower Fun Nails

 Hi! This design has got to be one of my favorites. In my last post I mentioned how I am currently really fancying nude colored nail polish and that’s exactly what I went for. Nude nail polish on its own looks timeless, but I still wanted to incorporate some nail art and decided to freehand a floral design. Essie’s Topless and Barefoot was my pick for the nude since I was out of my favorite nude- Iced Latte from Essence. Originally, the flowers were supposed to look like roses, but  they came out looking like poppies, so poppy nail art it is.

Floral poppy nail art design

Floral nail art design [Continue Reading…]

Hi! This week I opted for a classic houndstooth pattern on my nails. I have the stamping plate, but decided to try to create design freehand instead. As tools I only used nail polish, an angled brush and striper. Although the negative spaces aren’t exactly houndstooth and are more “abstracttooth”, I’m happy with the way it turned out. The reason behind this is that I really wanted the white nail polish to show through as much as it possibly could. There definitely is a thing going on between white nail polish and myself at the moment, not to mention my nail crush on nude nail polish and oval nails. How I wish I could grow my nails out longer!

Houndstooth Nail Art Design with Bow (2) [Continue Reading…]

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