Hi! I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is near here! Of course you know that can only mean one thing- flower nail art :)

Flower Fun Nail Art

This here is a super easy design that I once again made using my trusty gel nail Pilot Choose 07 pen in purple. For the gold center and random dots I used Maybelline nail polish. As always, the base is essence 27/7 nail polish. I couldn’t help choosing a white background polish- Gabriella Salvate 148. I still have a soft spot for the Gabriella Salvate nail polishes, seriously, there isn’t a thing to not like about them.

Fun Flower Nail Art

The flower itself started off looking just like my previous peony inspired nail art design, but in the end I decided that the purple looks a bit too faded and outlined each petal with the gel pen. The best part about working with the gel pen is that as soon as I see I don’t like where the design is going one swipe is all it takes to remove the whole thing.

Hope you like the design and there is a tutorial coming shortly!

Flower Fun Nails

 Hi! This design has got to be one of my favorites. In my last post I mentioned how I am currently really fancying nude colored nail polish and that’s exactly what I went for. Nude nail polish on its own looks timeless, but I still wanted to incorporate some nail art and decided to freehand a floral design. Essie’s Topless and Barefoot was my pick for the nude since I was out of my favorite nude- Iced Latte from Essence. Originally, the flowers were supposed to look like roses, but  they came out looking like poppies, so poppy nail art it is.

Floral poppy nail art design

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Hi! This week I opted for a classic houndstooth pattern on my nails. I have the stamping plate, but decided to try to create design freehand instead. As tools I only used nail polish, an angled brush and striper. Although the negative spaces aren’t exactly houndstooth and are more “abstracttooth”, I’m happy with the way it turned out. The reason behind this is that I really wanted the white nail polish to show through as much as it possibly could. There definitely is a thing going on between white nail polish and myself at the moment, not to mention my nail crush on nude nail polish and oval nails. How I wish I could grow my nails out longer!

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Not many people know you can use gel pens to create nail art. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Not all gel pens can be used, but I had the luck of discovering Pilot CHOOSE 07 gel pens and ever since then I have used them a fair bit. This is a really easy floral design on a lovely chocolaty nail polish. I love the contrast of colors, but also love the fact that it does remind me of chocolate.

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Hi! I thought I’d do a little video on everything you need to know about applying nail art decals. Nail art water decals are a great way to spruce up your nails in a matter of minutes without going through the hassle of hand painted nail art.

Applying nail art decals may look a bit tricky, but it really isn’t. Here I have made a in-depth step by step tutorial on how to apply nail art decals. The nail art decals I am using are meant to be applied over the whole nail, but you could definitely cut them up into smaller pieces and create a cool looking ruffian or french manicure.

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