Pollinating Hellebores

A few weeks ago I tried my luck at pollinating Hellebores. They truly are a plant breeders dream as they are incredibly vigorous and the hybrids that come out of the pollinations are bound to be gorgeous no matter what happens to them. If you do not want your yard infested with hellebore plants be sure to cut off the flower heads before the seed pods ripen enough to start bursting. The seeds mature a few weeks and that provides a long enough window for you to start snipping off the blooms unless you do not mind the plants HelleborusHellebore seedpod

Hellebore Flower Clump

Hellebore Flowers going to seed- an attempt at pollinating


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My Favourite at Home Full-Body Kettlebell Workouts

The kettlebell is such an underrated piece of gym equipment in my opinion. While most think lifting weights and going over to the gym to get fit, I’d take swinging my kettle bell comfortably at home over that any day. It really is a full body workout and once you try the kettlebell you will almost surely neglect your set of weights and opt for the modest looking piece of equipment. I love the kettlebell! By the end of almost any workout, I’ve got my heart rate up while strength training the best of both worlds.

1.If you are good at excercising on your own and want a variety of moves to try this killer workout is the one you’ve been looking for. If you follow the link to Women’s Health they even have a video guide to perfecting technique on all the moves and plenty more workout routines.killer kettlebell workout from Women's Health

2. When I was starting out, there really was no better workout than this one I found on ChiChi Fitness channel on YouTube. It was slow enough to follow, but after 2-3 reps it really left your muscles feeling sore the next day. The workout is one I always go back to when I feel like I need a little bit of encouragement. Check out their channel as they have over 20 videos in their Kettlebell work out playlist and there certainly is plenty to choose from.

3. Then there is Amy’s workout which is going to challenge you each and every time. She is such a joy to follow when working out and is a huge inspiration. On her Youtube channel Body Fit by Amy, you can find amazing kettlebell workouts and even tiny 5 minute ones when you are in a time crunch or just feel like getting in an intense short workout.Her playlist is increadible certainly check it out!

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Pope and Trump

Pope Francis is trending on Twitter! Super excited to see why I clicked and was absolutely disheartened at first to see what was causing the stir. It looked like supporters of Trump were up in arms and blowing their trumpet (aka tweeting) their support for border control.

While praying at the Mexico-USA border for people who died trying to cross it, Pope Francis was asked about his stance on Trumps plans to build a border wall. When the Pope boldly went on to say that “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.” Followed by the fact that he would give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt as he had not heard Trump’s border control plans firsthand, he added, “I say only that this man is not a Christian if he has said things like that.”

In mere minutes Trump responded by saying that the Pope, or any leader for that matter, should know better than to question anyone’s faith and referred to his words as disgraceful. Further elaborating that once the Vatican gets attacked by ISIS “the pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president because this would not have happened.”

It is shocking that many actually agree with Trump and are now posting pictures of the walled Vatican, picking on the world’s second smallest country and debating whether Pope Francis overstepped boundaries when he decided to share his view on the matter.

Who should it be up to to define what following Christ should look like if not someone who has devoted his life to him?

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Growing Flowers For My Wedding?! My Project

Hi! Today, I am rather excited to share with you all the first video in a series that I plan on making all about how to grow your own wedding flowers- after all that is what I am attempting to do.

Where I live there are absolutely no local flower farms and so I decided to grow my own flowers for ethical and environmental reasons. Last year was the year of the rose and there are now 36 David Austin and historical rose varieties in the ground, but this year it is all about sowing annuals and getting everything prepared for my summer wedding.

Even if you think that you have no green thumb at all, it is such a great idea to grow your own flowers if you have a tiny piece of land with no future plan for it. It is never too soon to start and I hope you join me in this experiment of mine, which could leave my wedding flowerless :D. Hope you all have a great day and I would love to hear from all of you.

Please let me know if you have any experience with growing your own cut flowers for an event or wedding, I’d love to hear all about it.

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