Hi! I thought I’d do a little video on everything you need to know about applying nail art decals. Nail art water decals are a great way to spruce up your nails in a matter of minutes without going through the hassle of hand painted nail art.

Applying nail art decals may look a bit tricky, but it really isn’t. Here I have made a in-depth step by step tutorial on how to apply nail art decals. The nail art decals I am using are meant to be applied over the whole nail, but you could definitely cut them up into smaller pieces and create a cool looking ruffian or french manicure.

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Hi! Three weeks ago I placed an order on Born Pretty Store and my nail art goodies have finally arrived! It was nerve-racking waiting for the parcel to arrive because although I ordered a small amount of items, they are all items that I will be trying out for the first time. I am super excited to try the nail art decals and then all the little rubber flowers are super cute! I will write individual posts on each set of items, but I was too excited not to share :). Here is a little sneak peek at what I’ll be enjoying nail art wise in the next couple of weeks.

born pretty store haul nail art items

1. Floral Rose nail art decals ($1.99) 2. Parisian themed nail art decals ($1.993. Fluorescent round nail art studs ($4.99) 4. Fluorescent square nail art studs ($4.99) 5. Fake Acrylic Flowers ($1.99)

nail art flowers to apply on your nails

Fake Acrylic Flowers ($1.99)

nail art studs

Fluorescent round nail art studs ($4.99) & Fluorescent square nail art studs ($4.99)

nail art decals- parisian themed and flower design

nail art decals- flower design

Floral Rose nail art decals ($1.99)

nail art decals- parisian themed

 Parisian themed nail art decals ($1.99)

Hi! This design looks amazing as the colors bleed into each other and create a watercolor effect. The best part about this design is no tools are required and it is super easy to do. Any color combination is game and it will still look super cool.

watercolor effect nails

studded watercolor nail art

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Hi! Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. The saddest thing about them is that they don’t bloom long enough. When I was visiting home earlier in spring, one of my mom’s pink peonies was blooming for the first time. The flower was a sight to see for it was 27 cm in diameter and utterly gorgeous. I documented it all and came across the pictures I took this week. Instantly, I felt inspired to create a peony floral nail art design.

Peony nail art design nails

Peony flower nails

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